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Buggetti Products can assist you to travel in style. We offer a custom line of alligator trolley luggage that is selling very well. Our luggage is suitable for long or short trips. You can purchase a 3-4 piece set or buy the luggage individually.

We also have luggage covers available. These covers are great to have when you are traveling by air. The baggage handlers are not very gentle with your luggage. These covers will extend the life of your luggage. 
​Check out our products page. You won't be disappointed.

​Power Banks

Power banks are becoming very popular today. More and more people see the significance of having one in an emergency power outage. It is a very uncomfortable feeling to have the battery on your cell phone go dead and you are not near a charger. Our power banks are capable of charging IPads, Tablets, and Laptops.  Contact us for details.
 Power Bank Car Jump Starter Kits

Portable car jump starter kits have been around for awhile. But lately, there has been a renewed interest. There are even infomercials on tv. I was once a skeptic until I tried it for myself. Once I connected the cables, the car started right up. It can be used on cars, trucks, and boats.
​We currently have the 12,000 maH power bank. There is a 20,000 maH coming out soon. This unit will provide more power, have a circuit breaker on it so that there are no mistakes made in cross connecting the cables.  Stay tuned for this one.


Maria S. Los Angeles, Ca.

Charles P. Tracy, Ca.

Diva Style, Vallejo, Ca.

A friend of mine sent me a picture of the luggage. I was thoroughly impressed. I ordered the golden brown set. When I received it, I was so impressed with the richness and quality. I'm waiting on the garment bag to match!
My wife came home one day with a set of this luggage. At first I got upset because I thought she had spent a lot of money. But when I found out what she paid, I wanted her to get another set for my mother. This is some nice luggage. 
I have the piece that's the carry on in the burgundy-wine color. I love it! It's huge on the inside and Sleek Alligator material on the outside. When I carry it I feel "Special." I can't wait to complete my set.

Sandra T. Sacramento, Ca.

Samantha C. Pittsburg, Ca.

Stephanie D. Monterey, Ca.

I was planning a trip to the Bahamas. When I looked at my old luggage, I knew it was time to upgrade. When I heard about this luggage, the price sounded too good to be true. I ordered two sets!!
I received my purse/luggage as a Christmas gift and was quite impressed with a few things right away. The craftsmanship and details of the bag are extraordinary. It is a very nice color, size and more than enough room to hold all of my belongings. I love the glossy, fresh, modern look of the alligator leather with the contrast of the tan leather handles which are very sturdy. I even have the added convenience of a longer shoulder strap that I can attach if needed, as well as feet on the bottom for added protection. This bag/luggage is definitely a keeper and I can't wait for the matching accessories to hit the market soon!
Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow!! This is some very nice luggage. I was not familiar with the brand, but I am now. It's about time a new style hits the market. I want to see if I can be a salesperson. I need to make a few dollars. The good part is, this luggage sells itself! Buggetti, hook me up!