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LN Alligator Trolley Luggage​
Langchao Crocodile Trolley Luggage

LN is our original logo. We will eventually use Buggetti on all our products. This dark brown luggage has a dark purple hue to it. It is very elegant and rich looking. We currently offer a four piece set. The sizes are 26", 23", 19" luggage, and a 14" handbag, which can be used as a cosmetic bag. The only current accessory is a 16" trolley boarding bag, which can be used as a rolling briefcase. The luggage has a combination lock. There is an attached name tag that is concealed when not needed.  The trolley wheels allow ease of movement. You will love this set.

Langchao luggage has been around for many years. We asked them to develop this custom style of crocodile luggage. The golden brown color is very popular with our customers. We currently offer a four piece set and two accessory items. The four piece set consist of  26", 23", 19" luggage,  and a 14" handbag that could be used as a cosmetic bag. The two accessories are a 18" trolley duffel bag and a 16" trolley boarding bag, that could be used as a rolling briefcase. You will be envied by your family, friends, and colleagues.

LN Garment Bag
This is our classic garment bag. It comes in the same material as our luggage. It has compartments for electronic devices, toiletries, shoes, undergarments. There are currently two colors available, which match our luggage.....Golden Brown and Dark Brown. You will truly bel traveling in style.

​Additional products to be added soon!!


We currently only have pieces left in each luggage style. Please ask for sizes in inventory before ordering ​​**************************
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Our portable car jump starter is
a very simple device to use. You connect the red cable to the positve
post (+). You connect the black cable to the negative post (-). Next you just turn the key. Your vehicle should start right up. A fully charged power bank will afford you many jumps. You will know whether the power bank needs charging by the number of blue lights lit up. This device can also charge your cell phone, IPad, Tablet, and MP3. This is a must have device for your car and electronic devices. 

​Power bank has a flashlight, warning light, and strobe light. 
We currently have 10,000 maH power banks